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Monday, March 9, 2009
At the Ranch, Valier, MT


100 Powerful Yearling Bulls
3 Outstanding 18 Month Old Bulls
20 Top Quality Yearling Heifers

March 9th, 2009 Sale Results:
97 Bulls averaged $5374
22 Yearling Heifers averaged $2515
 High Sellers:

Lot 8203U- $50,000 1/2 interest to Churchill Hereford Ranch, MT, Stuber Ranch, ND, Harrell Hereford Ranch, OR, Hoffman Ranch, NE and CA, W4 Ranch, TX, and Nunnally Farms, GA
Lot 8141U- $20,000 Upstream Ranch, NE, Spencer Herefords, NE, and Dixon Ranch, TX
Lot 8050U- $16,000 Cooper Herefords, MT
Lot 8086U- $12,500 Nunnally Farms, GA, Woodard & Sons Herefords, TN., and Baker Herefords, SD
Lot 8051U- $12,000 Visborg Herefords, MT
Lot 8115U- $9000 Black Crest Farm, SC
Lot 8077U- $8000 Jim Carr, NE
Lot 7250T- $8000 Bailey Patterson, TX
Lot 8144U- $7500 Harrell Hereford Ranch, OR
Lot 8060U- $7500 Black Crest Farm, SC
Lot 8181U- $7000 Rausch Herefords, SD
Lot 8254U- $7000 Gary Hedrick, GA

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Bulls selling in the sale will weigh from 1150-1450 lb. at sale time.

Average EPD's on sale bulls:
BW  +2.8   WW +49   YW  +80   Milk  +19   M&G +44
All sale cattle will be DNA arentage verified and tested IEF and DLF
This group of bulls represents the top 2/3 of our 2008 calf crop. 
They sell with complete performance and carcass ultrasound data.

 DVD's of the sale cattle will be available. Please call or e-mail and
we will be glad to send you out a free copy.
 Free Delivery on purchases totalling $4000 or more.

Catalogue Online!!

Broadcast Live on

HH Advance 8069U ET

Sells with 60 straws of semen.

HH Advance 8141U

Sells with 70 straws of semen. Retaining a 1/4 in herd use semen interest.

HH Advance 8050U ET

Retaing a 1/4 in herd use semen interest

HH Advance 8203U ET

Sells with a minimum of 160 straws
of semen.  Selling 1/2 interest and
1/2 posession. Call for terms.

HH Advance 8052U

HH Advance 8086U

HH Advance 8140U

HH Advance 8152U

HH Advance 8157U ET

HH Advance 8204U ET
-Catalogues are in PDF format and require a recent version of FREE Adobe Reader to view.
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