Past Sale Results



Sale Results:
147 Bulls Averaged $11,850
41 Females Averaged $7,768

High Sellers:

Lot 5107C  $160,000 to Flying S Herefords, TX
Lot 5047C- $80,000 to Cooper Herefords, MT
Lot 5044C- $70,000 to Chruchill Cattle Co., MT and Harrison Cattle Co., OK
Lot 5002C- $45,000 to Fawcetts Elm Creek Ranch, SD
Lot 5095C- $42,000 to Indian Mound Ranch & Cotes Ranch, TX
Lot 5304C- $35,000 to Harrison Cattle Co., OK
Lot 5018C- $30,000 to Harrison Cattle Co., OK
Lot 5019C- $30,000 to Harrell Hereford Ranch, OR
Lot 5027C- $27,500 to Upstream Ranch, NE
Lot 4313B- $26,000 to Hermann Ranch, SD
Lot 5040C- $25,000 to Dufur Herefords, OK

Lot 5023C- $30,000 to L Bar W Cattle Co., MT
Lot 5033C- $22,000 to Harrison Cattle Co., OK
Lot 2012-  $15,000 to Harrison Cattle Co., OK
Lot 5318C- $15,000 to B.G. Edgar, TX



Sale Results:
92 Yearling Bulls avg. $14,856
33 18 Month Bulls avg. $9,886
125 Total Bulls avg. $13,544
21 Yearling Heifers Avg. $6,274
19 Fall Bred Cows & Heifer calves avg. $5,855
165 Total Lots avg. $11,733

High Sellers:

Lot 4075B- $240,000 for 3/4 interest to Hoffman Herefords, NE
Lot 4105B- $55,000 for 1/2 interest to Debter Herefords, AL.,
TNT Herefords, AL., and Ridder Herefords, NE.
Lot 4045B- $50,000 to Harrison Cattle Co., OK
Lot 4082B- $37,500 for 3/4 interest to Jamison Herefords, KS.,
B & B Herefords, KS., and Gibson Herefords, NE
Lot 4201B- $37,500 to Dufur Herefords, OK.
Lot 4126B- $32,000 to L-W Cattle Co., MT
Lot 4052B- $31,000 to Flying S Herefords, TX
Lot 4067B- $30,000 to Cooper Herefords, MT
Lot 4012B- $30,000 to Harrison Cattle Co., OK
Lot 4091B- $25,000 to L-W Cattle Co., MT



99 Yearling Bulls • Avg. $11,836
26 18 Month Old Bulls • Avg. $7,125
125 Total Bulls • Avg. $10,856
27 Females • Avg. $8,278
152 Total Lots • Avg. $10,398

Top Sellers:

HH Advance 3006A • $80,000 for 1/2 interest to Flying S herefords, TX
HH Advance 3022A ET • $80,000 to Churchill Cattle, Co., MT and Harrison Cattle Co., OK
HH Advance 3033A ET  $50,000 for 3/4 interest to Broken Pick Land & Cattle, MT, White’s Hereford Farm, TN., White Bros. Herefords, TN., and Bartholomew Herefords, TN
HH Advance 3040A ET • $45,000 to Cooper Herefords, MT
HH Advance 3177A ET • $42,500 to Harrell Herefords, OR
HH Advance 3203A • $42,500 to Debter Herefords, AL. and Ridder Herefords, NE.
HH Advance 3013A • $42,000 to Coates Hereford Ranch, TX
HH Advance 3183A ET • $35,000 to Broken Pick Land & Cattle, MT
HH Advance 3134A ET • $26,000 to Jamison Herefords, KS. and Blue Top Herefords, KS.
HH Advance 2317Z • $22,000 to Helbling Herefords, ND
HH Advance 3127A • $22,000 to Dufur Herefords, OK
HH Advance 3131A • $21,000 to B & D Herefords, KS
HH Advance 3018A ET • $20,000 to Jon and Rodney Brown, ND

Top Selling Females:

HH Miss advance 3240A • $24,000 to Iron lake Ranch, TX
HH Miss Advance 0168X ET • $20,000 to Harrison Cattle Co., OK
Volume Buyers:  Harrison Cattle Co., OK. 10 Lots, Flying Y Ranch, SD 8 Lots,  Bridwell Ranches, TX, 7 Lots, Sneed-Pool Cattle Co., 6 Lots

Thanks to all the bidders and buyers that made our 48th Annual Sale one of our very best ever!



Thanks to all the bidders and buyers for making our 47th Annual Production Sale a tremdous success.

87 Yearling Bulls averaged $9707
23 18 Month old Bulls averaged $6478
3 Donor Cows averaged $41,250
24 Open Yearling Heifers averaged $5740

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 2037Z- $75,000  Rocking Chair Ranch, Indian Mound Ranch, and Ledbetter Cattle Co., TX
Lot 2029Z- $37,500 Fawcett’s Elm Creek Ranch, SD., Harrell Hereford ranch, OR., and Baumgarten Cattle Co. , ND
Lot 2181Z- $32,500 Jamison Herefords, KS
Lot 2005Z- $27,500 Cooper Hereford Ranch, MT
Lot 1306Y- $25,000 Broken Pick Land 7 Cattle, MT, Blackjack Herefords and Evans Hereford Farms, KS, and Chambliss Herefords, KY
Lot 2207Z- $25,000 Debter Hereford Farms, AL., Ridder Herefords, NE,. and WhiteHawk Ranch, GA.
Lot 2012Z- $24,000 Harrell Hereford Ranch, OR
Lot 2125Z- $23,000 Flying S Herefords, TX
Lot 2040Z- $20,000 Bob-O-Lou Herefords and Bixler Herefords, IL
Lot 2102Z- $20,000 Dufur Herefords, OK
Lot 2158Z- $15,000 Johannsen Herefords, UT
Lot 2136Z- $14,000 Van Newkirk Herefords, NE
Lot 2047Z- $13,000 Harding Bros., MO
Lot 2008Z- $11,000 Carmichael Herefords, SD
Lot 2036Z- $11,000 Helbing Herefords, ND and Baker Hereford Ranch, SD
Lot 2072Z- $11,000 Cook Herefords, OR

Top Selling Donors:

HH Miss Advance 6155S- $95,000 Iron Lake Ranch, TX
HH Miss Advance 6005S- $14,750 P & R Herefords, OK
HH Miss Advance 6188S- $14,000 Morrell Ranches, CA

Top Selling Heifer:

Lot 2030Z- $12,000 Harrison Land & Cattle, OK.

46th Annual Production Sale • March 12th, 2012

92 Yearling Bulls avg.- $10,665
14 18 Mo Old Bulls avg.- $7857
Pick of the Herd Heifer- $20,000
18 Yearling Heifers avg.- $6528

High Sellers:


Lot 1098Y: 3/4 interest –$102,000 to Flying S Ranch, Paluxy, Texas and Harrison Cattle Co., Arapaho, OK
Lot 1117Y- $37,500 to VanNewkirk Herefords, Oshkosh, NE
Lot 1087Y- $27,500 to Cooper Hereford ranch, Willow Creek, MT
Lot 1173Y- $27,500 to Rocking Chair Ranch, Ft McKavett, TX and Baumgarten Herefords, Belfield, ND
Lot 1014Y- $27,000 to P & R Herefords, Leedey, OK
Lot 1122Y- $25,000 to Upstream ranch, taylor, NE
Lot 1003Y-$20,000 to The Poplars Ranch, Silver Lake, OR
Lot 1054Y- $20,000 to Nunnally Farms, Monroe, GA
Lot 1038Y- $18,000 to Jim Baker, Box Elder, SD
Lot 1059Y- $18,000 to B & D Herefords, Claflin, KS
Lot 1076Y- $17,500 to Hoffman Herefords, Thedford, NE
Lot 1081Y- $17,500 to Flying S Ranch
Lot 1059Y- $17,000 to Flying S Ranch
Lot 1006Y- $16,000 to Dufur Herefords, Caddo, OK
Lot 1002Y- $15,000 to Spencer Herefords, Brewster, NE
Lot 1034Y- $14,000 to Whispering Pines, Kimball, MN
Lot 1049Y- $12,000 to Bill King, Stanley, NM

Pick of the Herd:

$20,000 to Dennis Schock, Ft Worth, TX


Lot 1099Y- $8250 to Don & Dolly Weaver, Big Sandy, MT
Lot 1158Y- $8000 to Barber Livestock Farm, Elwood, IN
Lot 1233Y- $7500 to Jim Carr, Springview, NE


45th Annual Production Sale • March 14th, 2011

Sale Report:

100 Yearling Bulls Averaged $7773
21 18 Mo Old Bulls Averaged $5167
21 Yearling Heifers Averaged $3452

Top Sellers:

HH Advance 0002X by HH Advance 7026T- 1/2 interest - $55,000 LeForce Herefords, OK.
HH Advance 0011X by HH Advance 7034T- $33,000 Van Newkirk Herefords, NE
HH Advance 0149X by HH Advance 8019U- $29,000 Flying S Cattle Co., TX
HH Advance 0031X by HH Advance 4055P- $26,000 T Cross Ranch, CO.
HH Advance 0184X by HH Advance 8203U- $25,000 Baumgarten Herefords, ND; Perman Herefords, ND, and Dixon Ranches, TX.
HH Advance 0118X by CL 1 Domino 7128T- $20,000 Cooper Herefords, MT
HH Advance 0119X by HH Advance 5104R- $16,000 Leslie Harrison, OK.
HH Advance 0207X by HH Advance 8203U- $13,000 Keith Carmichael. SD
HH Advance 0251X by HH Advance 8050U- $12,500 Kevin Loughnane, TX
HH Advance 0100X by HH Advance 8019U- $12,000 Williams Ferguson Ranch, TX
HH Advance 0012X by HH Advance 7026T- $12,000 Bailey Patterson, TX
HH Advance 0081X by HH Advance 7034T-$10,500 Flying S Cattle Co, TX.
HH Advance 0085X by HH Advance 8203U- $10500 Jamison Herefords, KS.
HH Advance 0102X by HH Advance 7034T- $10,500 Churchill Cattle Co, MT; A7 Ranch, MT; White Hawk Ranch, GA.
HH Advance 0169X by HH Advance 4055P- $10,000 The Poplars Ranch, OR.