Lot 0043H

Sire: HH Advance 8132F
Dam: HH Miss Advance 8046F

0043H has incredible BW to YW growth spread and is unmatched by any bull eber born  in the Hereford breed with GE EPD’s for his combination of CED, BW, WW and YW.  To top it off he is also in the top 10% on Scrotal, M&G, Stayability, CWT, MARB, and CHB$.  He is well marked, nice hipped, clean patterned and well balanced from end to end.  He is double bred to the great 5139R donor cow and also has the 1010Y cow in his pedigree.  

0043H is one of the first 8132F sons to be offered for sale and he is a unique breeding piece with breed changing potential. Look at his exceptional individual performance also.

38 SC, 140 MARB Ratio, 762 lb. adj 205 wt., 1423 lb adj. 365 wt.